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MLP OC Character #7: Augustus :icongrudgethrower:GrudgeThrower 0 0 High Noon Miles Tails Prower (Western Tails) :icongrudgethrower:GrudgeThrower 1 0 Captain Combustible :icongrudgethrower:GrudgeThrower 2 0 Symbol :icongrudgethrower:GrudgeThrower 1 0 PvZ Heroes X Mlp: Captain Combustible Mlp Version :icongrudgethrower:GrudgeThrower 0 0 MLP OC Character #6: Teutogen God, Dragonnus :icongrudgethrower:GrudgeThrower 0 0 MLP OC Character #5: Michael Horus Angelos :icongrudgethrower:GrudgeThrower 3 0 MLP OC Character #4: The Blood King of Equestria :icongrudgethrower:GrudgeThrower 1 0 MLP OC Character #3: The Dragon Samurai :icongrudgethrower:GrudgeThrower 1 1 MLP OC Character #2: Cloudsdale's New Hero :icongrudgethrower:GrudgeThrower 2 0 MLP OC Character #1: The Ghost Knight :icongrudgethrower:GrudgeThrower 1 1


Tsitra360 Banner 2 :icontsitra360:Tsitra360 189 33 Essay: Did MLP: FiM die after Lauren Faust left? :iconcuddlepug:Cuddlepug 55 151 Brony 'furious' at Hasbro/MLP - 9/12 attack apathy :iconcuddlepug:Cuddlepug 109 375 Commission - phasingirl :iconfreakization:Freakization 173 51 Commission - ShifterDreams :iconfreakization:Freakization 156 19 Joyful Solar Flare :iconngtth:NgTTh 145 53 Plants vs Zombies Heroes- Night Cap :iconmagicwaterz16:Magicwaterz16 65 25 THE HEROES!! :icondevianjp824:DevianJp824 102 65 Ta-Da!~ :iconcall-me-fantasy:Call-Me-Fantasy 86 16 L.E.A.F Agents :iconelementz124:ElementZ124 182 68
TIPS: How to get more watchers/views on art
Disclaimer: These tips may not work for EVERYBODY, so I apologize if you have tried them and did not see results. These are merely suggestions on how to get views/watchers and the results you may get varies on a number of factors such as how often you post, how active you are etc... so I DO NOT GUARANTEE perfect results.
I have written this a long time ago and I will go to edit this in the future to work better with a more general deviantart audience as my original target audience was intended to be anime/manga artists. 
Yooo... 12k+ Views? I never expected a lot of people to read this crappy "guide" XD
I am currently semi-active on dA so I apologize if I am not able to respond to your questions at the moment
Also, some parts of this guide is mostly for visual artists that do drawings
I have no experience in photography/other types of art so I apologize ^  ^;
This is not meant to
:iconyoai:Yoai 438 343
Raven's Might :iconstg-cjc:STG-CJC 86 34 Equestria (with names) :iconcmaggot:cmaggot 2,816 338
MLP OC guide
Intro: I’m putting this, because I just know somebody is going to bring it up if I don’t. Yes, you can do whatever you want, if you don’t lie this tutorial, write your own. If you don’t like my tutorial, then fine, nobodies keeping you here. If you found my tutorial helpful, I’m glad I helped. If you comment with something like, “OMG, stop telling me what to do.” I will hide it.
Type of Pony. Let’s start with the basics. You can choose what type is most convenient for you story, or what fits your OC’s personality. The species you chose will play a large role in your character’s life.
Earth ponies. This race is the most underrated, due to the fact that it lacks flying and magic (And is the most common race in the canon), so it’s actually a pretty good race to chose if you want a unique, non-overpowered OC. Ground ponies are usually a lot stronger that other species because they have to walk eve
:iconanimedemon001:Animedemon001 98 25
MLP OC template
Body color:
Body type:
Mane color/style:
Markings (Stripes, spots, whatever):
Cutie mark:
Height (Equines are almost always measured in hands):
Notable features:
Personality in general:
Fatal flaw:
Favorite food:
Favorite book:
Favorite pony:
Favorite animal:
Favorite song:
Favorite place:
Other favorites:
Least favorite Food:
Other least favorites:
Daily life
Place of residence:
Friends and family
Other relatives:
Magic (Skip if your OC doesn’t use magic)
                How do they use them?
Do they like using magic?
:iconanimedemon001:Animedemon001 617 116
I Love the Smell of Friendship in the Morning :iconharwicks-art:harwicks-art 1,032 94

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I'm on the process of remaking my OC's overall appearances and that means, there going be much more improved. But the process is going be slow as it is as before so, bare in mind about that.
MLP OC Character #7: Augustus
Took long for me to come back but do not worry, the wait will not be long for as I returned from the ashes.
Anyway, this is my new MLP OC Character, Augustus, the Argustorian (A new Fation I made) Lord Centurion. He's like Yarrick in 40K but with few diffrences and he's the new Legendary Hero of Equestria.
He's not yet in omplete because I still making decision about his overall appearance, not to mention about the effects of his blades.
That's all for now and I'll return not to soon enough and I'll improve my already submitted OC Characters.
MLP OC Character #6: Teutogen God, Dragonnus
Hello ,Everybody What's up!! I am Grudgethrower back again with my brand new MLP OC Character, DRAGONNUS, the Teutogen God of Destruction. He's nearly in completion, all I need to do is just add Dragonnus his preferred weapon (which is a Lance). His Background Lore will soon be completed as well as the rest so, keep an eye on those things and there's a new upcoming character I'm going to create and he's not far from being complete. Anyways, that's all that I'm going to say right now, tune in next time guys, see ya!.

(The one on the right side is the Filly version of Michael Horus Angelos, my previous created character).
MLP OC Character #5: Michael Horus Angelos

Greetings and Salutations, friends, it is I, Grudgethrower back for more for my creations of  my Mlp Oc Characters.
Several weeks had passed and I'm constantly suffering from severe inspiration for my character's background lore for the past couple of weeks. But don't worry everypony, I still got this in the bag and don't worry there's still more coming on the way, I just need little bit more time to do it.

Now for what I have here is my latest creation, Chaos Primarch named Michael "Horus" Angelos, he is one of the long lost primarchs ever ventured throughout galaxy after the great Horus Heresy. He was indeed the last of the arch traitors to ever escape from the imperium's might. However, after the great heresy, he was virtually hunted down endlessly by space marines until, he was by Ironscale Von'Grannos, A Chaos Metal Serpent that is the embodiment of hope and destruction of Chaos Ponies alike. After he saved Horus from his demise, Horus was forever bound to serve him in his cause to aid th Chaos Ponies to destroy Equestria.

Michael Angelos was nicknamed Horus because he was indeed the last of the traitors after the Horus Heresy has come to an end.
Horus's present age is 30 and still after a millenium years of being hunted down by space marines after the Heresy, he was 30 years old back then...

Horus is quite a powerful Character that excels quite at fighting in range combat. In his Character build you could that he has no hooves or any melee weapons attach to him. The reason behind this as Von'Grannos saved him in dire state, he was completey dismembered and burned, though most of his parts were still connected and functioning, as such, the Chaos Serpent God healed him as the same way as Anakin Skywalker did in the Star Wars Universe. By the way, please don't call him Douchebaddon the Armless because that is quite a shameful name and title to have in this charater.

Anyways that's all for now, the Character skills and abilities will also be included in later updates but that's all that I am going to show right now. Anyways, I have been Grudgethrower, thank you very much and have a good day, PEACE.


MLP OC Character #4: The Blood King of Equestria
Hello, everypony, this is Grudgethrower and I have a sad announcement. The sad announcement is that School is going to start PRETTY soon and it will make my deviant submissions very late but do not worry, I will still continue onwards

Anyways, here's my new OC Character: Marcus "Krell" Von Bloodwraith, The first of the Blood Kings and The Successor of King Sombra
(Further design making in this character is still in progress)
Short Bio
Name: Marcus Von Bloodwraith
Race: Changeling Vampire
Rank: Fation Leader of the Changeling Army
Titles: The First Blood King of Equestria, The Successor of King Sombra, The First of the Blood Knights.
Occupation: The King of the Blood Counts
Relations: Shimmering Blaze (Wife)
                Khairnus "Scythe" Bloodwraith (Only Son)
                King Sombra (Master)
                Sapphiron Gryphonheart (Former Enemy)
(Further Biography for this Character will be coming soon.....)
Items in FNaF World: Quest Battles 
Greetings and Salutations, friends, this is Grudgethrower, (and no I am not Arch Warhammer) here for the continuation of this series in FNaF World: Quest Battles. Remember the last time; I said that I'm going to do the quest battles in the next chapter. Well, unfortunately, I lied to that part actually. The reason behind this was, that there's a lot of events have been going on recently, especially School is about to start next week and that makes my job a lot harder. I had no time to scheduled my submissions to this, but I'll try to submit as much as I can without getting any of my works in school involved. Hat being said, I will submit quite slowly and very late, due to the fact that I'm a fourth-year high school, it makes my job in making these a lot harder, trust me, I've experienced this before when I'm still not a fanfiction member at that time, and to think of it, some of you may have thought of this already as well. 

Anyways, shit is starting to spiral down on me and let's hope I git gud this time, not to mention, I nearly won at the point of where I'm not going to summer school last year, damn you all should focus on your studies, it's quite a heavy blow if you get my drift. With that actually achieved, I started to develop much in to my skills, my art skills and my grammar skills have improved over time, though my grammar does little make sense at times but hey, at least I did some improvements during the summer period am I right?. Another particular reason that this was not a beginning chapter of this series is because, I'm quite more accurate and confident about putting details in the quest battles, especially what you get and how they function well in their party members. Again, like I said, this was an inspiration of the recent update of FNaF World and as well as the Five Nights at F***boys series. Speaking of the update, FNaF sister location has been revealed recently and my god, Scott had taken a deep toll in this series, gotta give the guy credit, he does an amazing job keeping this series alive and so do I as well, though I'm not a game designer as The Magnificent Scott Cawthon himself, but I will soon be, if I get the chance. Also, by the part I said about how precise my grammar in making the terms and functions in what rewards and items you get after completing them, in the first one, I was pretty damn confident about making more of those rather than writing the particular events in the quest battles. I deeply apologize if I sound like Sonic or Rainbow Dash at the part there, but let's not get deep into that topic now....

By the way, you'll probably ask; "If this isn't the first chapter, then what contains here". Well to answer your question, this is like, the first one I did before, but only this time, it's all about the items that you'll be getting along the way, including the legendary ones. Speaking of the Legendary ones, in this chapter (perhaps), this is the full in-depth guide towards the items that you'll be getting; their types, functions, effects, abilities and penalties. Like I said in the first one; "If you want your specific items or weapons in this series, go ahead and put that in the reviews and I'll be adding it with no ideal refusal over me". HOWEVER give your items a specific details before adding it, I don't want to add something that is not fully detailed, though few descriptions is enough to do it(I don't want to be mean you all, I just..."sigh" you'll understand). Anywho, the items in this event is quite complicated, if you have Total War: Warhammer, you should be able to understand, and speaking of that, the legendary items in the quest battles have a particular reason is to why they must get those legendary items. If by any chance, if Scott Cawthon manage to noticed this (I beg all of you to give Scott Cawthon a hind sight in this, it will make FNaF World the best game, EVER), and thinks of a mechanic on how to use these items's abilities during battle, but I prefer to have the keys are like F1 to F6 or number keys of 1-6 and to use the characters abilities is Ctrl 1-6. Anyways, I don't want to spend your time seeing this but it's a worth to see, don't you think? Now with all that finished let's begin........

But before I DO begin, let's start with symbolic meanings again, if you still don't know
+ plus, increased 
- minus, decreased 
% percent 

Let's start...
    There are many items scattered around in the World of Animatronica, as well as the roaming wild life Animatronics around in numerous areas. These items can be found almost anywhere in Animatronica; they can be found in deep dungeon raids, killing enemies, completing quest battles, and defeating powerful, tyrannical bosses in certain levels. Though, they are some items can only be equipped by certain character, for example; if you have a Wire Whip lvl6 on your inventory, it can only be worned by Springtrap, since he is the only one capable of using a whip as his weapon of choice at times. 

    In terms of these items, they can be very hard to find at times, and sometimes, some of these items can actually be more powerful than the legendary items. However, they can be useless at times in terms on how they function in battle, not to mention these items are quite lacking over towards on their own abilities and effects in certain characters. But they can't be that USELESS, you must only understand their functions and boom! you got yourself a badass item/weapon. But be careful though, they are some items can give certain penalties or effects that can be quite a aggressive and painful towards your characters. 

(By the way, in the next chapter, I'll be showcasing the Factions existed in Animatronica, it'll take some time but regardless, I'll do the best I can to submit these as much as possible before School start and hope you'll understand about the situation that I'm in right now.)

There are many types of items can be found around in the Animatronica but as such, these items can only be found in certain areas around Animatronica. Once again, be careful to which area you'll end up travelling with and some of these, hold the quest battle's locations, but there is an easy way to get to it; If you can afford 2500 fazbear tokens, you'll be able to teleport there immediately with no ideal threats or dangers going through those areas. These option can be found when you see the detail panel of the quest battles (But since this is a fanfiction and not a game, I won't be using those quite often much). 

Anyways, here are the item/weapon types: (This is a LOT actually)
1) Common
2) Uncommon
3) Elemental 
4) Rare
5) Epic
6) Magical
7) Enchanted
8) Experimented
9) Symbols
10) Mark
11) Crafted
12) Scavenged
13) Anti-
14) Staff
15) Accessories 
16) Shield
17) Armor Piercing
18) Expendable 
19) Musical/Orchastrated 
20) Legendary 

1) Common- this type of items/weapons are COMMONLY found in certain areas, though some common items/weapon can be either enchanced, magical or even a high level rank
2) Uncommon- unlike the common, these uncommon items/weapons can still be foundable in certain areas, however they have less descent chances to be discovered after battle than the the common ones. 
3) Elemental- elemental based items/weapon can be found anywhere in Animatronica, either common or uncommon, but they sometimes can be found in a more hospitable environment, based on what element it has.
4) Rare- these items can be hard to find than the Common and Uncommon. They can still be found all around in Animatronica but they are very hard depends on what they have in their abilities and effects
5) Epic- these are the item/weapons type that are very shity to find at times. Despite from its name, they are very hard to find and pretty damn useful in battle, especially in early to mid game. The reason I said "shity" at that first sentence, is because; they can only be found in numerous dungeons, labyrinths, dimensions, boss battles, and completing additional mission objectives, not around in the surface Animatronica AT ALL.
6) Magical- these are the weapons that are imbued with magic, thus has the passive ability of causing magical damage, either melee, range, sieged and armor piercing weapons. In order for your weapons to have these upgraded with magic, you must gather certain items for the Runesmith, for he has the skills to upgrade and make weapons that has magical capabilities. Not only you must gather parts to make your weapons more powerful, you must pay the Runesmith a certain amount of fazbear tokens before upgrading, the higher the level of the weapon is, the higher the amount is to pay for it. Also, they grant additional protection against magical attacks.
7) Enchanted-like the magical weapons, these weapon variations provides not only magical damage but also provides additional passive abilities and effects to the weapon itself. Though the legendary weapons and the other weapon type also had this effects but this enchanted weapons provides additional skills that can either be active or passive as well. The enchanted weapons can have aura's, like for an example; "The Fazbear Knights have flaming lances as their weapon of choice, this lances have fiery auras around them that deals overtime burn damage whenever it strucks an enemy". Occasionally, enchanted weapons are defined as blessed weapon by a particular god. (Well, there are no gods and goddesses in FNaF World, but let's just say, these weapon are gifted with special powers). Enchanted weapons gives additional protection against elemental based damage, though it is only focused on the certain element that the weapon has.
8) Experimented- there are very little experimented weapons can be found in Animatronica, well, to rather saying the word "found" let's say... Crafted sort to say. Experimented weapons can only be crafted by getting numerous, certain parts for the upgrades. It's quite to say that you'll be getting a hard time farming a lot if you wish to get these items, they cost 20% more than any upgrades. HOWEVER, getting your weapon to be experimented, you must first find certain character smiths around in Animatronica, if you wish to get these upgrades. There is a certain quest that gives you access to one of the smiths, if you don't know who it is yet, it's Dr. Thrax, the GLA toxin general. Thrax is the main inspiration for this weapon types, he's specialty of making biochemical weapons is the good example for one of the experimented weapons here in these section.
9) Marks/Symbol- these are items that gives passive buffs or effects within a single character, symbolic items can be a huge tool to when one of your characters have joined a certain organization. 
10) Banners- same function as the symbol, though the banners gives more potential than the symbols, (you'll get what I mean when I upload another quest battle). Unlike the symbol, the banner can give buffs to all members at once, while the symbols can only buffed up a single character. Though you can only assign one to each groups, think of it as the chips in FNaF World, the only difference to it is that the banners can buff the groups more differently as it is. 
11) Crafted- (if you played Angry Birds Epic, then you should have no problem understanding this) crafted weapons can only be built in certain blacksmiths building around Animatronica. Crafted comes from scavenged parts that can be found all around in Animatronica, by either looting after fighting the enemies or even harvesting them at your base.
In order to get these Crafted items to function, get the following instructed parts of that weapon and bring it back to the smith and will forged it to become a fully functioned. However, like in Angry Birds Epic, once you created that weapon, it will role a dice, the more of the dots appeared the higher level of the weapon. The Ranking of these weapons can be 1-10 stars, but the max level of the weapons is Lvl 30-45.
12) Scavenged- these are the item parts that requires to build the Crafted weapons
13) Anti-- these types of weapons are specialized over against certain enemies. Let's say, if you have a Flaming Kance for an example, the weapon itself is good against Monstrous Animatronics, then it is an Anti-Monstrous weapon.
14) Staff- a weapon type that gives the wielder to have additional protection against magical attacks. So does giving themselves magical attacks to their owner.
15) Accessories- are the most useful tool when you're up against numerous magical and elemental based enemies. Not only it does provides more protection against magical and elemental attacks, they also give awesome buffs to your characters. For example, if you have a Demolition Talisman, it gives the wearer an AoE damage on their regular attacks.
16) Shield- a one handed item that gives additional protection against all physical related damage, but here's one awful thing about having TOO much armor. The higher the armor the character is, the higher the damage that character gets when he/she is being damaged by a Fatal and Armor piercing attacks. But do not worry they're still items provides more defensive stats without the option of giving them additional armor in them.
17) Armor Piercing- these weapon variations are all but sharp and pointy and gives more additional damage when it comes to pierce the enemies' armor full on.
18) Expendable- this are items/weapons that doesn't require any too much attention, because all of these are have poor stats BUT when you sell them to a Merchant nearby it gives you ridiculously high amounts of Fazbear Tokens when you sell it. So if you find one hanging around, sell it immediately, 'cause it is just a waste to your inventory 
19) Musical/Orchastrated- these are the weapon that are fused with the power of music. Musical weapons are influenced in Rock, Metal, Rap, Other Musical categories, while the Orchastrated ones are influenced in Peaceful tones that describes the eternal harmony of the world, or even pictures other amazing thoughts to the listener.
20) Legendary- these are the weapon variations that can ONLY be assigned to a certain chracter, you cannot equip this to another character unless they are related to them. These Legendary items can only be achieved/gained in Quest Battles as a reward for the character's completed quest.
Anyways that's all for now, sorry if it is short but I'm in a rush to submit this one and more other Quest Battles. It will take some time to update this, but I will continue this further on until it is complete. 

Hope you enjoy these, and this Grudgethrower saying, "May the force of FNaF be with you all! PEACE!!!!!.


Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
My names is not avaible to the public all I can say, my name is is just GrudgeThrower. I also hold numerous MLP OC Character of my own creation, you could also burrow one of my own OC Characters if you want to, I don't mind at all BUT there are limitations to it so expect it to be in that.



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